San MArcos river

The San Marcos River begins at its headwaters at San Macros Springs in the town of San Marcos, TX. The headwaters are considered to be one of the most biologically diverse aquatic ecosystems in the entire country. Home to a number of endemic and even endangered species, it is truly a unique place. We focus our fishing efforts south of the town of San Marcos near Martindale, Staples and Fentress. Recreational traffic can be high in the upper part of the river closest to San Marcos so we prefer to avoid those areas. Primary target species are Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, various Sunfish species and Rio Grande Cichlids. Other species present include Smallmouth Buffalo, Carp and Catfish. Topwater poppers casted under overhanging branches in tight to the bank are often rewarded with explosive strikes from Bass and Sunfish. Baitfish and Crawfish streamers are also very productive. Its spring fed headwaters keep the water temperature a constant, refreshing 72 degrees throughout the year and while we fish it in the Spring and Fall, it really shines in the heat of the Summer when fishing on other rivers can slow down. Those same spring fed headwaters also provide constant flows throughout the year even during drought periods when other rivers can get too low to float in a raft. Its tree lined banks and shady canopy make even the hottest Summer day enjoyable on the river. Come see what makes The San Marcos one of the most unique rivers in the State of Texas!

Float Trips:

Half Day, 4 hours, 1-2 anglers: $350

Full Day, 8 hours, 1-2 anglers: $500