From an early age, I’ve always been attracted to the water and the creatures that inhabit it.  I grew up fishing conventional tackle on the Texas coast and spent extensive time fly-fishing for Bass and Trout on the Guadalupe River.  Throughout the years I have fished all over the United States and internationally in Mexico and Belize. My first experience with fly-fishing came when I was 12 years old.  A friend’s family invited me to Colorado where we did several days of guided fishing.  The first day the guide handed me a rod and explained the basics of casting/indicator nymphing.  As we left the ramp, the guide told me to make a few practice casts.  On my very first drift, my indicator twitched.  I knew what to do when a “bobber” went under and I set the hook.  A minute or two later a 22in Brown was in the net.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  I remember the guide joking that I was jinxed, but I thought to myself that it was a sign of things to come.

 15 years later, the meaning of fly-fishing in my life has changed.  It has taken me to beautiful places, introduced me to amazing people and had a much greater impact on my life than I ever could have anticipated.  Fly-fishing has been instrumental in helping me deal with some of my own personal struggles and without it I don’t know where I would be today.  That is my biggest motivation in guiding: to share the joy and peace I get from being on the water out in nature to impact other people’s lives for the better. I am blessed to have turned a passion into a career that allows me to share the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others.  I love catching big fish just as much as the next guy but fly-fishing is by far the best therapy I’ve ever done and that’s the aspect of the sport that has me hooked. I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion with you!


John Shank - Owner and Head Guide of Lone Star Fly Fishing LLC